Just Dandy

Y'all, I am SO excited about my new charms!

I got one of them in yesterday.  I have 5 more coming in consistently within the next four weeks!  New designs and themes.

I did the last charms based on my love of lightning bugs and summer nights.

This new design is inspired by dandelions.  When I was growing up, we had grass.  Whatever grew in the area is what you had in your yard.

Today, everyone does landscaping and different grasses are planted.  Weeds have never been popular or welcome in the yard.  Dandelions, although fun, are no different.

Who doesn't love the bright yellow flower, and, of course, making a wish, blowing the white seeds, and watching them dance in the air.  If there is a breeze, they seem to travel forever.

I have always loved a good analogy.  Dandelions and faith go together in so many ways.  God made these beautiful flowers, but they are often not viewed as they really are or for their true value.

While they are looked at as detrimental to a beautiful lawn, they are actually very valuable to our health. The roots can be used in teas, the leaves can be eaten in salads, and the flower can even be used to make wine.  It is beneficial to our health in so many ways.  It is particularly good for the liver.

If you have ever tried to get rid of these "weeds," you know the root goes very deep.  God's love for us is deep rooted and if we are firm in our foundation, we are beneficial to others. We may veer from our rooted faith, but the foundation is always there waiting to grow again. It's interesting that the biggest health benefit of the dandelion comes from the "cleansing" of the liver, the organ that can regenerate. Our faith and God also cleanses our soul and makes us new again.

When we make a wish and blow those pretty white seeds, they plant in the soil and grow wherever they land.  We can share God's love through the Bible and personal testimonies.  We can spread His good news and word wherever we choose to.

Like the dandelion, Jesus was rejected and not seen for who He really was. Rather than causing trouble, they offer so many benefits and the whole part is good.  Animals eat the dandelion, birds eat the seeds, and they are nutritious to the soil in which we pluck them from.

There are so many ways to compare the dandelion to our faith and they are also such a pretty and a fun childhood memory.

I created this charm with all of these things in mind.  If you look closely, the seeds turn into crosses.  We have the ability to share and spread God's love and watch it take root wherever it may land.  I thought the words "Just Dandy" would be fun and I gave them a retro, graffiti look.  I love the phrase "just dandy" when someone asks me how I am doing.  My grandfather would say about my boys, "he's a dandy!"

I chose red, white, and blue just in time for the 4th of July and to be patriotic at any time!

I have the listing with the charm on a Stainless Steel chain, but I am working on more listings and more options.

Dandelion Cross Charm Necklace 
  Click the title or here to go directly to the listing.)

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!  I am having so much fun creating these charms and I cannot wait to share the others coming in soon!!!


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